Burglars using Foursquare to lure other burglars out of their homes and burgle them

dodgeball vs. Google Latitude?  (at least now we know why they're phasing out good 'ol dball)
Creative Commons License credit: dpstyles™

LOS ANGELES. A new twist emerged this morning in the ongoing debate surrounding mobile social network Foursquare, after it was revealed some burglars are using the service to lure other burglars into the open in order to “reburgle” the stuff they already burgled. Foursquare has recently been the target of criticism as it reveals the location of it’s users – information that could be of potential interest to burglars, as highlighted by websites like Please Rob Me. Now so called “reburglers” are using Foursqaure, Twitter and similar services in order to deliberately create the impression that they are not home. They then burgle the burglars when they themselves pop out to do a bit of burgling.

“Burglars tend to have a good stash of swag, on account of all the burgling they’ve been doing”, a reburglar told us. “We also know that they are big Foursquare fans, so when they check in with something like @ur house, burgling all your stuff they don’t realise we’re actually at their house burgling all the stuff they already burgled.”

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