Union leaders to stop annoying everyone after Union Of Union Leaders calls immediate strike

LONDON. The chiefs of many of Britain’s leading Trade Unions today refused to call any mad strikes or generally wind anyone up, after the Union Of Union Leaders called for an immediate strike citing a lack of respect for their members. UoUL issued a statement saying that “union leaders have been pilloried for too long … [they] deserve some damn respect and they won’t be making any unrealistic demands to employers until they get it”.

The move will be welcomed by many ordinary people, who will be happy to, at least temporarily, not be at the whim of wildcat strikes. Union members, on the other hand, will not be able to take any action until the strike is over, and are faced with the awkward paradox of needing to break the strike in order to go out on strike themselves.

“Most industrial disputes are rooted in a breakdown of communication between staff and employees”, a disgruntled union member told reporters earlier. “With the union leaders out on strike, who is going to break that communication down?”

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